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A woman who is calm and self-assured, who embraces her sexuality and her power, who doesn't need the drink you're going to offer to buy her, but maybe, if you're polite and catch her attention, she might indulge you.

Some may be wary of this ones sweet nature. I am very aware of Alien as I have smelled it everywhere for almost a decade. Hot nude girls sexy images. Thierry mugler naked. Wish I could buy more of thisI may try alien ess absolute if I can't get this again! The Jasmine is still strong but is coupled with a fragrance my nose interprets as a creamy hint of vanilla. One to be remembered through the ages, that's for sure. But yeah, pretty good. It's so soft and gentle, but it still has all the wild and mysterious aspects of the original, only wrapped in a soft, buttery caramel.

I am grateful I did. The Absolue is gorgeous but too heavy on jasmine. Also,Alien TTOF has a multi-personality;one minute you get a warm envelopment of caramel and tea,the next it's a sock in the jaw of overpowering jasmine.

Arranging this meeting involved considerable cajoling and flattering, but in the end he relented, he said, only because of a contractual obligation to Clarins, the fragrance company that has owned his name since and with which he seems to be in a constant state of open warfare. Public milf flash. They are nearly identical except instead of that deep boozy vanilla, this has salted caramel. First things first-- don't be fooled by the short list of notes.

To my nose this perfume is almost like the original Alien edpbut with a hint of caramel. Alien last FOREVER on me just a few sprays and it will stay strong on me all day I am so happy this has finally worked out for me I wore Alien to my friends house and some man chased me down on the street and he said what is the perfume I have on I said Alien he said I smelled like a billion dollars that made my day.

It's the same structure, but with different colour. This is a strong and long lasting perfume. Today his muscles are so bulging as to impede natural movement, and he employs a seamstress at his home in Paris to make clothes for him, usually by sewing together two or three of an item he bought in a store. Thierry Mugler is one of the few French designers to own their own factory, where dresses are made from prototypes perfected in the workshops.

I don't get the purple association at all The first thing that came to mind immediately after smelling this perfume is that it smells a lot like the Hollister store in a good way of course. I've only worn this once or twice and now I remember why.

I can appreciate it, but I absolutely cannot wear it. In he launched his "scratched" line with uneven hemlines and necklines. Recommending it to everyone - just don't buy it blindly, without testing. He often uses pointed angles on collars, hems, sleeves, waist and hips. Sexy xxx toons. I actually prefer to smell this perfume on others, rather than wear it myself. I was wrong once again. Perfectly categorized as an oriental woody, since it is not overly gourmand in my opinion, but just enough so.

Unfortunately it gives me migraine.

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Synthetic, fruity, powdery overpowering mess. He made his models wear narrow girded loins, tight skirts, wide aggressive shoulders, revealing corsetry worn as armour plating with a bruised face, amounting to a travesty of womanhood.

Plus, it's absoutely beautiful, and distinctive. Huge tits and toys. I still love it despite the poor longevity and sillage, but I'll try some other flanker or stick to essence absolue whenever I get the chance. Alien was something my mother purchased for me on a whim.

As suspected longevity is enormous. I lived in California for 10 years and smelled quite a lot of fresh jasmine in that time, and it was quite close to the real thing. As I sat there waiting for the scent to develop properly all I could think of was: Its drydown is my favorite part, woody and intoxicating. Thierry mugler naked. I definitely get a salty skin note in the beginning that fades after a while. Think of a very eccentric and not necessarily conventionally attractive person whom everyone wants because they just ooze effortless sex appeal.

I am not a psychoanalyst, but there are many hints of explanations. British girls naked pictures. Like being in your own soft, sweet bubble. Mugler knocked an antique gold ashtray from its perch, smashing it to pieces.

Good thing I buy Advil in Costco size! Anyways, I love the great sillage and longevity of Alien. It must be the steroids,but guys that do this to themselves,also,always seem to use a lot of weird supplements and shit. It's not something for everyone, I agree, but it works so well with my body chemistry, I've never gotten more compliments wearing anything else. Don't get me wrong both are amazing totally stunning in fact but taste of fragrance salted caramel is the winner in my mind.

I was looking for different perfume but ended with this one. Not sure why it's called Alien, because there are quite realistic notes at least at beginning. I can see this being put o one of those "street vender oils".

To be honest I am not sure of the sillage on myself because I haven't received compliments on it, which to be honest suprises me! He made his first outfit for a girl friend at the age of We do not make guarantees nor accept responsibility for what you might find as a result of these links, or for any future consequences including but not limited to money loss. He fucked me in Mykonos, but that was before he transformed into the cartoon you see in the photo today.

Its alsmost twisted how then i get an unrecognisable woody something This is very nice but absolutely not essential if you own Alien Essence Absolue already.

I was afraid to try it, cause I heard it can be strong and irritating

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