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Serge henir naked

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My favorite thing about him is the glistening blond bush. He's hot and white. Dylan ryder tit fuck. Serge henir naked. We all like guys who are not too scared to show off some flesh, and it looks like Serge Henir has enough to be totally proud of too. Vote for Gay Body Blog. While not to everybody's tastes, he's a relatively good looking guy whom most gay men would not toss out of bed.

Has anyone seen him on David Geffen's deck? It's free so why not? R they must be damn close, she's in like half of the pictures. Hot Posts From Other Blogs.

If only there were available websites of free random gay porn somehow, where you could type in his name into the "search" function and his videos would appear! One of the most gorgeous guys I've seen.

I don't recall ever seeing him in a porn movie, but I could be wrong. R, perhaps in Russian culture one choses to ignore that which is evident if it goes against what is socially acceptable. His gayness strikes me as that of Todd Sanfield: If he is pretending to be gay then he can simply fuck off. Wwe the kat nude. I normally hate tattoos, but I don't even notice then with this guy.

Serge henir naked

He looks a lot better and less plasticky in his jo videos. June 26, at A gay porn actor just doing "solos" It's their innate exhibitionism. He needs to do a porn scene with Pavel Petel. Handsome boy; hate the tattoos; like his cock and foreskin.

Is he Dolf Lungren's son? There are a few pictures of him at a circuit party on ChrisGearys site. What porn has he done? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Click Here for a sample.

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Also I don't thnk any straight Russian man would ever claim to be gay.

Give it a try! Link to his cam? Talk about self promotion. Click some pics to enlarge. Mayra hills tits. I am torn about his sexuality, I am skeptical about him being gay, but then why would a guy from Russia, one of the worlds most anti gay countries say he is gay? At least not Average American White Guy.

Well, that day will never come. Looks somewhat like Chord Overstreet here: Russian Captain America again looking like Chord Overstreet. Hot Posts From Other Blogs. Brady Jensen claimed he is gay until he left the business and suddenly poof he is straight. Never seen him before. R but how can one be so dumb to ever believe that crap though, his freaking public instagram page alone is proof he is not gay. June 26, at So you can't be hot if you're 5'8"? In some of those pics he looks like a buff Philip McKeon.

A gay porn actor just doing "solos" Top 10 Posts of the Day. Rough lesbian porn movies. Serge henir naked. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam.

He should post on DL. Why lie at all if there is no attempt to cover it up. Where is my pride and joy?

The handsome and build blond stud is 23 years old and lives in Saint Petersburg, but I think he should move, preferably to somewhere a lot closer to me lol. Gay Body Blog Widget Get your widget here! For the same reason that Americans put Chinese characters on their bodies or French or Spanish phrases. He's pretty damn hot. Very very hot guy.

The same impulse that makes them want to show off their muscles wants them to treat their bodies as art work.

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Well it's kind of true though just like how men seek out women with the biggest booties so they can sit comfortably for longer periods of time weaving baskets.

How can you be taken seriously if all you want is to have fun? Yes, even in spite of the condemnation of my own closest comrades I would live my beautiful ideal".

I wouldn't have as much of a problem with their subreddit if they focused on dismantling toxic masculinity, rather than blaming women for society's toxic masculinity. Having a bad infection to the point where their penis becomes gangrenous as a result of bacteria trapped under the foreskin is pretty rare though.